Susana Sugar

Our Jewelry

What we wear have become our way to express ourselves and our personalities.

And when we make the decision on what to beautify our body with, we’re looking for the items that we will never want to take off.

When you’re wearing Susana Sugar’s Jewelry, you are not just wearing a beautiful accessory, but you are wearing one that has meaning.

With our jewelry you can show the world just how unique you really are and to express yourself.

So why settle? Wear jewelry with a purpose – you deserve it!

Black Basic Collection

The Black Basic Collection was created to inspire you, this collection is the distillation of Susana’s artistic work and her life experience.

Using the techniques Susana has acquired throughout her life, she was able to transform recycled materials that are typically used for building roads, into aesthetic jewelry that has a deep meaning and purpose.

Unusual Materials

Our modern world is full of technical parts and industrial metals that are being used for very practical purposes.

We aspire to give those metals a new life by transforming them into artistically and fashionably designed jewelry.

When you are wearing Susana Sugar you are making a statement while looking great, both at the same time.

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