Susana Sugar

Jewelry For Those Who Don’t settle

Hi, I’m Susana, an artist with a great passion for art and meaning

Throughout my life, I have always looked for jewelry which has a different look, an artistic look.

Jewelry that expresses your inner self and lightens up all you wear.

That’s why I decided to put my art skills into making jewelry that makes you feel exactly that.

I create my jewelry to inspire you to make you feel you express your artistic soul and make sure everybody knows just how unique you are.

If you’re also not willing to settle about what you wear, be sure to check out my collections, click here.


2017 – Group exhibition, Kyoto Japan

2015 – Solo exhibition, Art Center & Gallery,Maalot,Israel.

2010 – Solo exhibition, “Light House Gallery”, Old Jaffa, Israel

2007 – Group exhibition, “Gallery on the lake”, Ranana, Israel

2000 – Solo exhibition, Bell Cave Beit Gobrin, Israel

1998 – Solo exhibition, private showing, Israel

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