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Your body is valuable, it deserves care and attention.

Glamorize it with jewelry that has meaning.

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We all want to have meaning in our life, to do things that matter and have an impact on others.

Susana Sugar is where art and jewelry meet, and allow you to have accessories with a meaning that tell a story.


By susana sugar

Art is the expression of the human perspective

We believe that art should be a part of everything we do, in our food, in our home, and even in what we wear.

Wear the art, tell the story.

Susana’s work is an interpretation of the complexities of our world and our existence.

Throughout her life, Susana has used art as her way to reflect on reality and has made art the most

important part of her life, dedicating time and effort to learn and perfect her techniques.

We need creation and meaning in our lives.

And in order to create our meaning, we look for inspiration that will drive us.

Susana’s art is created to inspire you and to help you find the artist within you.

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